What’s going on?

I have got two unfinished entries – one about JavaScript and another about font usage on the web – but I just moved into a new apartment. So, once I have settled in the new apartment, I’ll finish those up.

It’ll probably be a while before I sit down and work on the image slicer tool… there is just so much to do after a move *sigh*


Linux and Image Slicing

A while ago I created a new page on this blog for Xfwm theming tools. Basically I wanted to have one place for all the scripts and tools that make creating Xfwm themes easier.

Ever since then I have been mulling over quite a few ideas I had. And I always seem to come back to the same basic problem. Whenever you want to create a theme based on individual images (pixbuf theme in GTK slang), you just don’t have the right tools, at least on Linux.

The most common way to create a pixbuf theme is by first creating a single large mock-up that captures the basic concept. Then that mock-up is sliced up into individual images. And at this point the tool chain on Linux is broken, as there is no easy to use, yet flexible program to slice up images.

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