What’s going on?

I have got two unfinished entries – one about JavaScript and another about font usage on the web – but I just moved into a new apartment. So, once I have settled in the new apartment, I’ll finish those up.

It’ll probably be a while before I sit down and work on the image slicer tool… there is just so much to do after a move *sigh*


My agenda

Why did I start a blog when there are already so many?
Why spill my thoughts and opinions into the public?

Actually, I don’t expect many people will read my blog, if any at all. However, the assumption that somebody might read it somehow changes the way I express myself. My thoughts become more structured, more organized as I write them down for somebody, anybody else to read.

I plan to blog whenever I feel I need to make myself heard. When merely thinking about an issue is not enough. Most of the time, that’ll mean I’ll rant. I’ll rant about work, people, society, code, software, operating systems, procedures, and whatever else happens to make me angry or dissatisfied.

Maybe I’ll also write about stuff that made me happy, sparked my interest or my curiousity. Unless, of course, I’m too busy actually enjoying it.

So this is my agenda for this blog.